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Welcome RRISD Teachers!
This wiki will help ensure that you are integrating all of the Technology Application TEKS into your core curriculum. Your grade level page will give you a list of all the model lessons and activities that are available in the ARRC as well as a list of the TA TEKS for your grade level. The list of lessons and activities will be updated as new material is added to the ARRC.

K-2 Teachers:
At the top of your page is a list of all the model lessons that are available in your grade level on the ARRC. For your convenience, the technology section of the K-2 report cards is included as well. By teaching a wide variety of the model lessons and activities, you will help your students achieve computer literacy.

3-5 Teachers:
The TA TEKS have been divided into groups called Assured Experiences. Each Assured Experience includes several TEKS that naturally go together. If you teach at least one model lesson from each Assured Experience, you will have exposed your students to all the TA TEKS. To achieve proficiency in the TA TEKS, it is recommended that you integrate more of the model lessons into your plans.

All Teachers:
If you would like to contribute a technology integrated lesson, please use the template below and submit to your ITS. Any feedback about any of the existing lessons would be welcome as well.

Lesson Template for Technology Activities:
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Embedded Technology Lesson Rubric
Embedded Technology Lesson Rubric.doc

Elementary TA-TEKS Alignment Taskforce:
- - - - Co-Chairs: Charlotte Hanna, Robert Autrey
- - - - Members: Carol Edwards, Julie Haney, MaryJo Humphreys, Karen Jackson, Erin Lundie

Secondary TA-TEKS Alignment Taskforce:
- - - - Co-Chairs: Robin Young, Robert Alford
- - - - Members: Middle School Instructional Technology Specialists

Summer 2009 Model Lesson Contributors
(29 educators)